While filming The Wonder, Florence Pugh did a faceplant over a flock of sheep in front of fans

Hello, guys! In this blog post, we share information on how, while filming The Wonder, Florence Pugh did a faceplant over a flock of sheep in front of fans.

The period drama “The Wonder” on Netflix has earned a good deal of critical acclaim, with “Florence Pugh’s amazing performance” receiving the most praise overall on Rotten Tomatoes. It turns out that the actress’s efforts to bring the plot to life encountered some unexpected difficulties because this is the sixth movie she has starred in to obtain the coveted Certified Fresh label.

Florence Pugh has notable accomplishments on her résumé, including leading roles in movies like “Black Widow,” “Fighting With My Family,” and “King Lear,” making her one of the biggest stars in the business. Even on television, she has been in “The Little Drummer Girl” and “Hawkeye” (via IMDb). Pugh has even received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her outstanding performance in Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women.”

Pugh has faced several challenges in order to do her work, despite the fact that the talented Hollywood actor may appear to have an easy profession. There never seems to be a dull moment for the “Lady Macbeth” heroine, whether she’s fighting the heat in the ornate flower outfit in Ari Aster’s folk horror film “Midsommar” or enduring the drama surrounding the Olivia Wilde-directed psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling.” Then, of course, there was the time she had a less than ideal experience with a sheep on “The Wonder,” which left her with a face full of dirt in front of a large crowd.

It’s a wonder Pugh survived the sheep-related tumble

The spooky historical drama “The Wonder,” which is set in 1862 Ireland, is rich of commonplace rural beauty, including agricultural animals like sheep. Additionally, it seems that some members of a specific flock were not happy with the direction Pugh’s character was going, and one of them wasn’t afraid to express their displeasure.

Pugh discussed her startling meeting with a sheep and the humorous outcome that resulted from one of the easiest scenes to shoot while promoting the Netflix film on The Late Show with Seth Myers on NBC. “And I had a really straightforward situation that required me to cross. Simply cross the street in that manner.

Walk only. but with some really powerful facial emotions. Additionally, this sheep refused to move out of the way as I passed it “The actress gave host Seth Myers an explanation. “I did like, gently stroke the behind. The sheep then bleated, “Rrr!” Another sheep neighed close to it after that “And I was struck by the sheep.

It was awesome when I flipped over the sheep and immediately fell into the cowpat.” Pugh went on to say that the funny mistake happened in front of her loving admirers and, regrettably, a photographer who made sure the story made the news the following day.

It’s understandable that the actress would find that embarrassing, but a little mud on her face won’t ruin anything for the seasoned pro, and of course, she overcame it as well as every other obstacle that stood in her way to deliver what some have deemed to be one of Florence Pugh’s best performances of her career.

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