What the Season 2 Episode 7 of CSI: Vegas Gets Right Regarding Bigfoot Investigations

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Fans of “CSI: Vegas” Season 2 have so far been treated to some strange and enigmatic cases. For instance, the second episode referenced “I Am Legend” while describing a serial killer who liked to turn his victims into mannequins. While looking into a case involving home invaders, the fourth episode made reference to the real-life practice of koalas interfering with crime scenes.

The most recent episode, “Burned,” continues this trend. In this case, a murderous arsonist who may be Bigfoot is the subject of a CSI investigation. Of course, the forensics specialists ultimately discover a more plausible explanation that does not include a genuine sasquatch torturing humans, but one can never be certain about these things.

Nevertheless, the discovery of Bigfoot confounds the investigators at first, and they don’t completely rule out the possibility that a creature is to blame.

While some “CSI: Vegas” fans might find the concept of a weird creature being on the loose in a procedural crime series absurd, it shouldn’t. As it turns out, real-world CSIs have already looked into the possibility of Bigfoot’s existence.

Real-life CSIs have examined potential Bigfoot prints

In 1999, Jimmy Chilcutt, a crime scene investigator with the Conroe Police Department and an expert in fingerprints, found footprints that belonged to a primate he had never seen before. He determined that the impressions might have, in theory, belonged to an unknown creature, such as a sasquatch, after determining that they were genuine.

Although Chilcutt insisted he was a skeptic at heart, he was willing to entertain novel theories if the evidence was compelling. He said to Chron in 2003 that it was his responsibility to examine the data and draw any potential conclusions.

As a forensics expert, Chilcutt told the outlet, “I don’t believe anything. “But I got to the conclusion that there is an animal there after all. I’m not sure if you refer to it as Bigfoot, sasquatch, or another name. However, it’s not a lion or a bear.”

The forensics expert reportedly grew convinced that a “big ape” existed in North America, according to Skeptical Inquirer. Since then, some professionals have rejected Chillcut’s hypotheses, but it is impossible to dispute the investigator’s commitment to science and his position. The scientists in “CSI: Vegas” are similar in that they will examine every possibility until the truth is revealed.

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