The Chicago Police Department Stunt Device That Gives Tracy Spiridakos Welts

Hello Guys, Welcome to Bollymax. In this blog post, we discuss The Chicago Police Department Stunt Device That Gives Tracy Spiridakos Welts. Throughout her career, Tracy Spiridakos has portrayed a variety of characters (via IMDb). She has appeared in more than 100 episodes of “Chicago P.D.” and other shows set in the “One Chicago” shared world created by Dick Wolf, but her most notable role has undoubtedly been as detective Hayley Upton.

Despite all the work she has done for the franchise and the skills she has gathered over the years, the actress still finds one piece of equipment to be difficult to use.

There are undoubtedly a variety of explanations for why “Chicago P.D.” has received high viewer ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and remains one of the most popular series even after all these years (via Variety). One may argue that the reason for this is that each episode is jam-packed with gripping drama and intense action scenes.

The show goes to great measures to give viewers an experience unlike anything else, which has proven to be a bit grating for some, including Spiridakos, even if it’s likely a big part of why fans keep tuning in.

Fans have undoubtedly seen Hayley Upton get into some crazy situations while she has been on duty. Although Spiridakos portrays it as being simple, she would probably be the first to admit that it isn’t. Or, at the very least, her co-stars might, as was the case when it was discovered which tool the actress found the most difficult to use when filming “Chicago P.D.”

Tracy Spiridakos finds herself on the wrong end of the battering ram too often

On YouTube, Marina Squercati, Amy Morton, and Tracy Spiridakos responded to inquiries on their involvement with the “One Chicago” series. Spiridakos was unable to name the most difficult piece of equipment to master, but Squerciati did speak about one vital policing instrument that her coworker had difficulty with. Tracy is frequently hit with a battering hammer.

Spiridakos admitted, “That does happen to me, actually quite frequently. “My leg is covered in welts.” Playing Hayley Upton involves numerous difficult challenges, including Spiridakos’s troubles with the battering ram. And Spiridakos isn’t working alone; her excellent stunt double Kelli Victoria Scarangello is as well (source: IMDb).

They later admitted during the interview that one of their favorite pranks involves Scarangello being struck by a car. Everyone was worried because everything seemed so real, yet the stuntwoman was just OK.

Scarangello and Spiridakos have experienced a lot for Hayley Upton’s role, including some unforgettable underwater action, whether in a tank in Los Angeles or a chilly December Chicago river (via Variety). They aren’t hesitant to plunge to tremendous depths for the job.

It goes without saying that it’s difficult to play a personality in “One Chicago.” It seems like Spiridakos and Scarangello from the NBC sitcom “Chicago P.D.” just deal with battering ram welts and frigid underwater temperatures on a daily basis.

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