7 SEO Tools Every Search Marketer Needs In Their Arsenal

[ad_1] To win at Google, you need to have not only a strong SEO skillset to influence its algorithms but you also need access to the right SEO tools that make this process easier and more effective. I’ve spent countless hours reading SEO blogs, scouring the internet for the most popular/useful SEO software, and talking … Read more

6 Influencer Marketing Metrics To Watch and 5 Tools To Help

[ad_1] Influencer marketing sounds magical. You ask people to talk about your brand and its products with their digital audiences. When they do, your profits increase. But influencer marketing on social media is more complex, and like any content marketing, its connection to the bottom line usually isn’t direct. How can you create a social … Read more

15 Best Hashtag Generator Tools for Social Media Marketers [2023]

[ad_1] Hashtags are the universal language for post discoverability on social media. First used on Twitter in 2007, they’ve been going strong ever since in helping users find content that they are interested in and want to see. Using hashtags correctly can help your content get more natural reach and engagement – even one hashtag … Read more

10 AI Tools to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

[ad_1] In 2021, the investment in AI tools reached a total of $111.4 billion. This year, Microsoft has reportedly invested an additional $10 billion in the startup known as “OpenAI,” which released its highly successful ChapGPT platform in November of last year. Why should you care? There is a lot of attention on AI startup … Read more

6 Steps To Help Content Marketers Thrive With AI Tools

[ad_1] Content marketers spend a lot of time pondering the question, “Will copywriters be replaced by AI?” They often conclude writers don’t need to worry. But you would benefit more if you asked a different question: “How can content writers work in a world that includes AI-created content?” Take steps today to ensure your work … Read more

Get Ahead of the Competition with 7 Game-Changing AI Content Tools

[ad_1] During the gold rush the new rich were the sellers of shovels. The industrial tools to unearth the riches. The “new gold rush” refers to the trend of venture capital backing startups and SaaS (Software as a Service) companies that provide platforms to service the 21st Century capital contagion. They’re investing in AI content … Read more

AI Tools Bug Out Because the Internet Can Never Forget

[ad_1] The internet never forgets. That famous meme dates to at least the early 2000s. The digital internet acts as a more permanent version of what philosopher and sociologist Maurice Halbwachs deemed as the “collective memory” in his book of the same name almost 100 years ago. He concludes societies have a collective memory that … Read more