50+ Free & Creative April Marketing Ideas (With Examples!)

[ad_1] It’s April and we’re about to make it rain on your business with creative marketing ideas for the whole month.  There’s National Grilled Cheese Day, Take Your Child to Work Day, Autism Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and more. These observances and themes provide opportunities for you to connect with your customers, express … Read more

Can Your Marketing Team Generate True Demand?

[ad_1] I see a common challenge in B2B marketing – teams seeking more budget and resources for demand-generation programs. “Now, wait a minute,” you might say. “It seems like demand gen for leads is the only thing we do.” To be clear, I mean true demand generation, not mid-funnel, inbound lead gen, nurturing, or sales enablement. … Read more

10 Creative Lead Generation Ideas From Marketing Legends

[ad_1] Lead generation is the number one challenge for marketers today. Millions of free resources are competing for your audience’s attention, and customers are quickly catching on to the fact that most of these “Ultimate Guides to Such-And-Such” aren’t really worth giving up their personal information for. Jessica Meher, CEO and Co-Founder of Wonderment, put … Read more

Unlocking the Power of Personalization in B2B Healthcare Marketing

[ad_1] By Karla Sanders, Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing Personalization has become increasingly important in the B2B healthcare industry as companies seek to differentiate themselves from competitors and connect with prospects and customers on a deeper level. By customizing your messaging, using data to personalize your content, tailoring your website experience, and lead nurturing efforts, … Read more

6 Influencer Marketing Metrics To Watch and 5 Tools To Help

[ad_1] Influencer marketing sounds magical. You ask people to talk about your brand and its products with their digital audiences. When they do, your profits increase. But influencer marketing on social media is more complex, and like any content marketing, its connection to the bottom line usually isn’t direct. How can you create a social … Read more

76 Diversity & Inclusion in Marketing Statistics for 2023

[ad_1] American filmmaker Ava Duvanay once said, “When we’re talking about diversity, it’s not a box to check. It is a reality that should be deeply felt and held and valued by all of us.” I agree wholeheartedly with this statement, but at the same time, I also realize that from a business and marketing … Read more

Start With Content To Deliver a Successful Integrated Marketing Strategy

[ad_1] Are your content and marketing integrated? No one can argue content marketing isn’t an increasingly important part of marketing. Content teams routinely take more and more responsibility. You take on thought leadership and the many assets necessary to support marketing and communications. But what doesn’t come along as quickly is the integration to make … Read more

Considering Switching To Modern Marketing? Here’s What You Need To Know

[ad_1] By Carly Bauer, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing If you’re like me and many other marketers, you’ve probably heard the term “Modern Marketing” a lot. But what exactly is it? What makes it different from traditional marketing? What changes are involved to start modernizing your marketing efforts? These are all questions I am going to … Read more

10 AI Tools to Transform Your Marketing Strategy

[ad_1] In 2021, the investment in AI tools reached a total of $111.4 billion. This year, Microsoft has reportedly invested an additional $10 billion in the startup known as “OpenAI,” which released its highly successful ChapGPT platform in November of last year. Why should you care? There is a lot of attention on AI startup … Read more