Can Your Marketing Team Generate True Demand?

[ad_1] I see a common challenge in B2B marketing – teams seeking more budget and resources for demand-generation programs. “Now, wait a minute,” you might say. “It seems like demand gen for leads is the only thing we do.” To be clear, I mean true demand generation, not mid-funnel, inbound lead gen, nurturing, or sales enablement. … Read more

How to Generate High-Converting Copy With AI Copywriting Software

[ad_1] Despite what many people tell you, copywriting is more of a science than it is an art. Expert copywriters use a formula to compile a set of words in the most compelling structure possible to persuade action. This formula has been learned and adapted over decades of testing and adjusting copy based on consumer … Read more

14 Chatbot Examples that Generate Leads & Engage Visitors

[ad_1] Once upon a time, WordStream shared a post on 10 of the most innovative chatbots on the web. This was waaaaay back in 2017—an eternity in the digital world (think 13 Reasons Why, the Kendal Jenner Pepsi ad marketing fail, etc.)—and since then, chatbots have evolved into help centers, transaction platforms, lead generation machines, … Read more