Select the right attribution model for your business

[ad_1] By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant / Client Services Operations at Heinz Marketing Attribution models always seem to be a hot topic. What’s the best attribution model? How do you implement it? Do you need an attribution tool/platform? I would imagine most companies have asked these questions at some point. If it were easy … Read more

What’s the Future of Business: 20 Updated WTF Lessons for a Hybrid World

[ad_1] What’s the Future of Business (WTF) by Brian Solis, Photo Credit: Guy Spier (Instagram), author of the Education of a Value Investor After all of this time, I’m not sure how I missed this. My friend Juan Carlos Giraldo published a compilation of 20 highlights​ after re-reading, What’s the Future of Business (WTF): Changing … Read more

The 22 Best Directory Listings for Any Business (+Optimization Tips)

[ad_1] Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past thirty or so years, you’ve likely witnessed an incredible evolution in our use cases for technology in day-to-day life. There’s been a clear switch from landlines to wireless devices, printing out MapQuest directions to using a GPS, and from flipping through a phone book to … Read more

Work from Home: How to Grow Your Business (2023 Update)

[ad_1] Businesses all over the world are following work-from-home policies due to the pandemic that has impacted the globe. Because of the current situation, business owners and entrepreneurs are finding different ways to run their business. Conducting and growing a business while working from home requires a lot of planning and organization. There is a … Read more

Making The Business Case For The Metaverse: How Companies Can Create Value In The Next Web

[ad_1] Marketing campaigns or initiatives Learning and development for employees Meetings Events or conferences Product design or digital twinning During its research process, McKinsey interviewed executives and leading authorities to explore value creation in the metaverse, what the metaverse is and isn’t, and how it will evolve. Experts included Matthew Ball, Cathy Hackl, Marc Petit, … Read more

Salesforce’s 11 Best Business Podcasts of 2022: How companies to build trust and better connect with customers

[ad_1] via Michael Rivo, Trail Blazers podcast,”Each autumn I have the chance to spotlight the best business podcasts from across the Salesforce network. I love the opportunity to reflect on the past year and revisit the compelling storytelling from my colleagues. Inevitably, I discover new ideas and mindsets, and have a laugh or two. Best … Read more

6 Business Speakers Who Will Motivate Your Teams With Their Real-Life Experiences – GRIT DAILY

[ad_1] via Elizabeth Walker, GRIT DAILY Business speakers are often a source of inspiration and motivation for those struggling on their innovation or transformation journey. No business leader can succeed without help. That’s what the experts on this list do, they help leaders…lead. They guide, support, and motivate business leaders to build their best, most … Read more

The Brave New World of Digital, Business, and Leadership Transformation and the Part You Play in It All

[ad_1] I was moved by an inspiring piece about finding hope in a time of disruption and uncertainty. It was written by my friend Andrew Penn, CEO of Telstra. Though it was published this time last year, I found it relevant now. Penn observed that in these times of a great reset, it’s only human to … Read more

Get the Most Out of a Smart Landing Page Builder—Just Like This Business

[ad_1] Sometimes you choose a hobby, sometimes a passion chooses you. And that’s exactly what happened when Peter Letts discovered scuba diving. He first dipped his toes as a diver in 1992, but soon took to the deep end and became addicted to the sport. Almost 10 years later, he left a successful corporate career … Read more