Superman Mantle is Reclaimed by Jon Kent with a New God-Tier Feat

Hello guys, today is In this blog post, we discuss how Jon Kent reclaims the Superman mantle with a new god-tier feat. The thought of Jon Kent becoming Superman has caused some controversy among fans, but following Jon’s most recent display of power in DC Comics’ Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Jon deserves to wear the iconic cape and cowl.

Having made his official debut in 2016’s DC Rebirth, Jon Kent is a relatively new character in the DC universe. Most fans seemed to like the concept of Superman being a father, and Jon experienced a lot of adventures as he got older. Even Damian Wayne, the son of Batman, participated in the majority of these adventures.

The two frequently collaborated and were referred to as the Super-Sons. After being aged up from a 10-year-old youngster to a 17-year-old man, Jon Kent eventually tried donning the Superman costume, with varying degrees of success.

Tom Taylor’s television series Superman: Son of Kal-El has been documenting Jon’s exploits as Superman. The younger Kent’s accomplishments as Superman haven’t been that noteworthy to begin with; the only thing he truly did was defeating a subpar Lex Luthor impersonator, even if the plot where Jon comes out as bisexual has garnered a lot of publicity for the series.

The fact that he ousted a real dictator and saved millions of people makes it unquestionably important, but when you consider that his father has faced the likes of Darkseid and Doomsday, removing one human dictator isn’t all that spectacular. Fortunately, Jon surpasses his father’s accomplishments by a wide margin in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #6 by Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere.

Jon Fights Not Just His Father’s Villains, But Everyone’s Villains

The DC Universe’s heroes find a way to potentially stop Pariah just when everything seems to be going wrong. The only issue is the enormous number of strong villains Pariah is in control of. Eclipso, Darkseid, Doomsday, Neron, Nekron, The Empty Hand, and Ares are completely under Pariah’s power.

This is a compendium of all the villains associated with DC heroes, not simply those associated with Superman. Any one of these foes could pose a threat that would destroy the world or even the entire cosmos. To buy the heroes some time, however, Jon charges into the conflict and takes on every single one of them by himself.

By taking on these adversaries alone and defeating them while yelling, “This is a job for Superman!” Jon exemplifies the spirit of his father. Without a question, this is the toughest conflict that anyone has encountered in the DC Universe.

Each of these foes poses a threat to the globe or the cosmos in and of itself, and Jon switched from battling a human dictator to fighting them all simultaneously. He is successful in buying the other heroes some time by repelling the band of bad guys until Superman and the rest of the Justice League show up.

There is no doubting that when Jon Kent agreed to combat the most powerful and terrible creatures in the universe at once, he accepted a task that could only be performed by Superman. However, some fans may disagree with Jon being aged up or perhaps think he is not ready for the role of Superman.

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