Let’s look back at the rumors about the 2018 Lobo movie by James Gunn and Jason Momoa

Hello Guys, Welcome to Bollymax. today In this blog post, we share information on 2018 Lobo Movie Rumors. Late last month, when James Gunn and producer Peter Safran were appointed as the new CEO of DC Studios, the DC Extended Universe was completely upended. This Monday, he posted an image of the infamous bounty hunter and Superman nemesis Lobo on social media along with a thrilling message for fans, revealing one of the key things the former Marvel director may have in store.

Gunn posted on the decentralized social media platform Mastodon, “Glad to be here.” Much though the position was intriguing on its own, it was made even more so by the recent admission by previous Lobo contender and current “Aquaman” actor Jason Momoa that he had always wanted to play DC’s Main Man. Momoa explained to ComicBook.com: “Well, everyone is aware that I enjoy comic books.

You may conduct your investigation to find out what comic I acquired the most—I own every comic there is.” In an interview with ET Canada at the beginning of November, Momoa mentioned that DC Studios was working on “a lot of great things,” one of which was a “dream come true” for him.

Even if the speculation is entertaining, we must keep in mind that DC has performed this trick before. If you might recall, the studio actually intended to release a Lobo film in response to Marvel’s success with “Deadpool” in 2018.

Michael Bay was eyed to direct Lobo movie, Danny Trejo and Jeffrey Dean Morgan wanted to star

Looking back at previous reports and rumors, it’s simple to understand why interest in producing a “Lobo” movie back in 2018 was so high. Legendary director Michael Bay was reportedly chosen to helm the DC Studios project, which was to be scripted by “Wonder Woman” writer Jason Fuchs, according to The Wrap.

At one point, The Wrap reports, “San Andreas” filmmaker Brad Peyton was also reported to be a contender for the role of director. To make matters even sweeter, prominent actors like Danny Trejo and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were also interested in playing Lobo.

“Super Dupe is the first hunting rule. Make the target come to you,” Trejo remarked in a 2016 tweet alluding to his participation in the “Lobo” gang “movie.

Morgan stated to CinePOP in 2021, “Superheroes are everywhere. I really enjoy Lobo. We’ll see. For a very long time, I really wanted to do Lobo. We’ll see. I may be cooking up something, and I’ll let you know as soon as I find out if it works. However, I adore the world of comic books and wish that I could continue to play in it for a very long time.”

For those who need a refresher on Lobo, DC Comics describes him as an extraterrestrial creature and “the most badass bounty hunter in the galaxy.” Some see him as an anti-hero, while others see him as a filthy villain.

On DC.com, the bio for Lobo states: “Over the years, Lobo has battled for both the good guys and the evil ones, essentially drifting to whichever side offers him the best, bloodiest fight or the most payment to complete the task. He has engaged in combat with nearly all of the DC Universe’s superheroes, including Superman, the Justice League, and others.”

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