Kino Deserves A Better Fate Than That, Plz, Andy Serkis!

Kino Loy, a sophisticated new Star Wars character played by Andy Serkis, deserved much better than what happened to him in Andor episode 10. The floor manager of 5-2-D decided to participate in Cassian Andor’s prison break on Narkina 5 since he had nothing left to lose but to finally fight back against the Empire.

Kino’s development is very dynamic on many levels, including his transformation into a leader and his inciting his fellow prisoners to resist and fight for their liberation.

After Andor episode 10, Kino Loy ought to have been permitted to carry on with his quest outside of the prison because he was such a compelling character. Instead, it was discovered that Kino couldn’t swim after the detainees successfully made it outside and jumped into the waters below to escape.

This leaves Cassian’s destiny entirely undetermined and open to interpretation, particularly when Cassian is pushed over the edge by other prisoners who are rushing to the edge of the cliff.

Regardless of whether he survives or perishes after this episode, Kino played a significant role in the proto-Rebellion and the struggle against Imperial rule. As a result, he merited a stronger send-off than the aside he received.

Why There’s Slight Hope For Andy Serkis’ Kino Loy

Kino Loy might have survived despite his incapacity to swim to experience the freedom the Empire had denied him. While he had been pleased to do his time, Kino Loy’s breaking point came with the realization that the prison was just moving inmates who were about to be released to new floors where they would eventually perish.

The two of them managed to get to the main control room to turn off all the electrified levels after Kino, who was fighting for survival, joined Cassian. Kino was encouraged by Andor to communicate with the prisoners via the comm system.

As a result, Kino motivated everyone in the jail system to rise up, resist, and aid one another in escaping. With that in mind, one would hope that some other prisoners would heed Loy’s advice and assist him in making it to the shore.

It’s a wonderful fantasy to think that Cassian and Kino might one day be reunited, even though it’s unlikely that viewers will ever learn Kino Loy’s ultimate destiny in the Star Wars universe. He’d undoubtedly make the ideal rebel leader.

When you consider who Kino Loy was when Cassian first encountered him in Andor episode 8, even though he did deserve more, protecting his troops and the entire jail from the Empire’s oppression is very honorable.

Andy Serkis’ Kino Was Key To The Rebellion (Whether He Lives Or Dies)

Securing the control room and forcing Kino to address the entire prison were crucial to the success of the prison break. Loy successfully persuaded 5,000 men to set aside their fear and fight for their freedom; this will undoubtedly have an influence on the Star Wars galaxy in the future. After all, the only prisoners that end up joining the Rebellion are Andor and Melshi from Rogue One.

Even if Serkis’ Kino Loy deserves better than to perish or be captured by the Empire because he cannot swim, he nevertheless delivered a blow to the Imperials. On the remote event that Kino makes it through to Andor season 2, here’s hoping.

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