Is The Song From The John Wick 4 Trailer A Movie Spoiler?

Hello guys, today is In this blog post, we discuss Is The Song From The John Wick 4 Trailer A Movie Spoiler? In a brand-new trailer for “John Wick: Chapter 4,” time is of the essence for John Wick. The journey of John Wick has been compared by director Chad Stahelski to that of Odysseus in the classical works “The Iliad” and “The Odyessy.” Interestingly, Yahoo! revealed that Stahelski links this motivation to the tragic — yet seemingly necessary — conclusion the protagonist must experience.

“John might make it through all of this crap, but there won’t be a happy ending. He is without a place to go “Once, the director said. Despite being violent, Odysseus’ fate is actually pretty lovely. He returns home after being away for a number of years, reunites with his ostensibly devoted wife Penelope, and starts leading a genuinely blessed life. It is obvious that Stahelski has distinct goals for John Wick.

Stahelski reportedly stated in a 2019 IndieWire article that there is no realistic chance that he can simply leave with his own Penelope and “ride off into the f***ing sunset” after killing over 300 people. Interestingly, the trailer contains a startling image of men riding away from the sun on horses. “He’s f***ed for the rest of his life, John Wick. Just give it some time, “said the director.

Even while Stahelski’s vision for the film is refreshingly grounded, it could be difficult to imagine it right now unless you pay close attention to the music in the trailer.

Friendship, romance, and betrayal

Westlife’s “Seasons in the Sun” cover has been given a cinematic remix for the new “Chapter 4” video. But the song had already traveled quite a distance before the Irish boy band of the 1990s even touched it. The song was initially written in French by Jacques Brel in the 1960s. It was later translated in English by another artist and subsequently performed by well-known Canadian vocalist Terry Jacks in the 1970s.

Jacks explained the original song’s composition to Songfacts, “It was about an elderly man whose broken heart was causing him to pass away because his best friend was cheating on his wife. In a [brothel] in Tangier, he composed this, and the wording were totally different.”

However, the feeling of brutally leaving behind loved ones is still there, just as it is in the “John Wick” trailer, even though neither of the aforementioned covers explicitly depict this overt theme of treachery.

The way the lyrics are used in the trailer could be seen as portraying John as the dying man, Donnie Yen’s Caine as the unfaithful lover, and Caine as the “friend” throughout. When John bids his wife farewell at the church, Caine is there, and it is clear from away that the two have a troubled past.

It can be revealed that Caine and John’s wife had an extramarital relationship. Gutting John’s love for his wife, which first sparked this irrational cycle of retribution, would not only brutally complicate the story but also highlight the series’ central themes of senseless murder.

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