Is Jason Momoa’s Dream DCU Project Justice League 2?

Jason Momoa’s fantasy DC Universe project is taking shape, and the unnamed film may be Justice League 2. Now that James Gunn and Peter Safran are in command of the DC Universe, a new era has begun, and it has largely been received well by fans and those associated in the shared universe.

One of Jason Momoa’s DC ambitions will come true, it is hinted, thanks to their leadership. With many of the hypotheses centering on a new DCU film, the comment generated discussion about what the Aquaman actor and DC Studios might have planned for the future.

Justice League 2 is among the most likely candidates for Jason Momoa’s ideal DC Universe film. On some level, it might seem weird to imply that Momoa’s primary goal is a Justice League sequel. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that there were difficulties between Zack Snyder’s departure and Joss Whedon’s reshoots.

Even Momoa agreed with Ray Fisher’s allegations of the cast’s mistreatment. It appears the actor is interested in reassembling the Justice League because he recently invited Ben Affleck’s Batman back for Aquaman 2 and filmed Peacemaker’s Justice League appearance. Justice League 2 has the power to reunite the entire team.

Justice League 2 Needs To Be Part Of DCU’s New Plans

Justice League 2 has no official plans as of yet, but co-CEOs Peter Safran and James Gunn need to change that. It is well known that they intend to build a new framework for the shared universe and make greater use of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

Five of the original six members of the Justice League have some sort of return plan now that Henry Cavill is back as Superman following Black Adam. Shazam, Blue Beetle, and Hawkman are just a few of the new heroes that DC Studios has that may join the squad if it needs to undergo any sort of roster adjustment.

A big event film that reunites the Justice League is necessary, supposing Gunn and Safran are successful in expanding the DC Universe. It would be very odd if the franchise kept relegating the Justice League to supporting roles in subsequent films or if its most recognizable squad of heroes remained on the sidelines.

The cast deserves another opportunity to appear in a film with few production problems. Justice League 2 may mark the end of the first four years under Gunn and Safran’s direction at DC Studios and provide an opportunity to reintroduce the team to fans so they can have a more significant role in the coming years.

How Justice League 2 Can Be Jason Momoa’s Dream Project

The simplest answer for why Justice League 2 is Jason Momoa’s ideal project is that it will reunite the whole Justice League team. Many of the celebrities are close friends of his, and he appears to love working with all of them. Additionally, there’s a chance that the potential narrative will make Momoa’s fantasy come true.

For instance, if Black Adam is the antagonist of Justice League 2, he might at long last make an appearance with Dwayne Johnson. If Zack Snyder were to helm Justice League 2 as a way to close the SnyderVerse saga, the movie might end up being an even greater example of wish fulfillment for Momoa.

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