Can Your Marketing Team Generate True Demand?

[ad_1] I see a common challenge in B2B marketing – teams seeking more budget and resources for demand-generation programs. “Now, wait a minute,” you might say. “It seems like demand gen for leads is the only thing we do.” To be clear, I mean true demand generation, not mid-funnel, inbound lead gen, nurturing, or sales enablement. … Read more

Start With Content To Deliver a Successful Integrated Marketing Strategy

[ad_1] Are your content and marketing integrated? No one can argue content marketing isn’t an increasingly important part of marketing. Content teams routinely take more and more responsibility. You take on thought leadership and the many assets necessary to support marketing and communications. But what doesn’t come along as quickly is the integration to make … Read more

AI Tools Bug Out Because the Internet Can Never Forget

[ad_1] The internet never forgets. That famous meme dates to at least the early 2000s. The digital internet acts as a more permanent version of what philosopher and sociologist Maurice Halbwachs deemed as the “collective memory” in his book of the same name almost 100 years ago. He concludes societies have a collective memory that … Read more

Visual Content for Social Media [New Research]

[ad_1] We all think we have great taste. In the movie When Harry Met Sally, Marie (Carrie Fisher) and Jess (Bruno Kirby) move in together and argue over keeping his wagon-wheel coffee table. Jess insists, “I have good taste!” And Marie responds, “Look, everybody thinks they have good taste and a sense of humor, but … Read more

Get Common First If You Want To Develop a Great Content Strategy [Rose-Colored Glasses]

[ad_1] How much did you spend on content last year? How much should you spend on content this year? You can’t know. Outside of the most abstract of estimates, you can’t know the answers to both questions. As I’ve shared, “content” is a big word. I describe it as the operating system of a business … Read more

How a Dr. Seuss Story Can Help You Not Be Afraid of ChatGPT

[ad_1] The chatter about ChatGPT in marketing and content doesn’t slow down. Generative AI and content creation have garnered attention as one of the most disruptive technologies since the advent of social media. Passionate debates go around the benefits, threats, and abuses that AI-created content provides to marketing departments. But a more common thought I … Read more