What’s the Future of Business: 20 Updated WTF Lessons for a Hybrid World

[ad_1] What’s the Future of Business (WTF) by Brian Solis, Photo Credit: Guy Spier (Instagram), author of the Education of a Value Investor After all of this time, I’m not sure how I missed this. My friend Juan Carlos Giraldo published a compilation of 20 highlights​ after re-reading, What’s the Future of Business (WTF): Changing … Read more

Doing CX Right: AI and the Human Element – How to Strike a Balance in the Workplace

[ad_1] Looking to gain insight into the world of AI technology, innovation, and digital transformation? Then you’ve come to the right place. On this episode, you’ll learn actionable tips from Stacy Sherman and Brian Solis, world-renowned digital anthropologist, futurist, 8x best-selling author, speaker, and VP of Global Innovation at Salesforce. They share tactics for leveraging AI and … Read more

Designing the Brand Experience: From First Exposure To Advocate To Relationship

Credit: Ken Yeung, VentureBeat I’d like to share a cool experience with you… I was recently traveling from Denver to Florida. During my layover, I noticed a reference to “X: The Experience When Business Meets Design” pop up. I clicked through and listened to a brilliant conversation between Alan Hart and Nick Horan, Global Brand Experience … Read more

LEADERS Magazine: Brian Solis on Digital Darwinism and Innovation

[ad_1] In this must read interview in LEADERS Magazine, Brian Solis explores the challenges and opportunities executives face in this Novel Economy. Brian also details how companies can create a culture of innovation to grow and scale in uncertain times. Full interview here or via PDF below… “The paradox of innovation doesn’t inhibit the desire … Read more

Conoce la tendencia Phygital (DiPhy), una nueva experiencia del retail

[ad_1] Source: Perú Retail La experiencia de compra que hoy en día les ofrece a los consumidores ya no es netamente física o digital, pues estos dos formatos ahora van de la mano. El contexto actual pandémico en el que se vive ha generado un cambio en el desenvolvimiento de los mercados y, además, ha … Read more

The Futurists: Living Futures with Brian Solis, Brett King, and Robert Tercek

[ad_1] via The Futurists In this week’s show futurist, digital analyst and anthropologist, along with being a Global Innovation Evangelist for Salesforce, Brian Solis joins hosts Brett King and Robert Tercek to talk adapting to life in the future. As a renowned specialist on experience design, CX, digital transformation, and digital Darwinism, Brian discusses what … Read more

Reimagining Customer Experiences In Web3: What Are The Big Questions Companies Need to Ask To Create Value For The Next Web?

[ad_1] Exploring web3 through a new lensPHOTO BY @JEZAR, UNSPLASH.COM This is a very important time and inflection point in the evolution of web3. There’s a fantastic opportunity for brands and marketers willing to engage with this new technology. That said, in the wake of the recent volatility in the NFT and crypto markets, waves … Read more

Making The Business Case For The Metaverse: How Companies Can Create Value In The Next Web

[ad_1] Marketing campaigns or initiatives Learning and development for employees Meetings Events or conferences Product design or digital twinning During its research process, McKinsey interviewed executives and leading authorities to explore value creation in the metaverse, what the metaverse is and isn’t, and how it will evolve. Experts included Matthew Ball, Cathy Hackl, Marc Petit, … Read more

Welcome to the Novel Economy

[ad_1] On average, it takes 66 days for new behaviors to become second nature. We have forever changed in the days, months, years following the global disruption of 2020. You can throw your business playbooks, operational checklists, and mindsets out the window. This is now a Novel Economy. True to its definition, it’s a time … Read more

Watch: The Future of Experience Design – exploring the need for human-centered experiences

[ad_1] Via Itamar Medeiros Brian Solis explores the need for human-centered experiences and aims to help executives shift mindsets toward the future. While everyone talks about Customer Experience (CX) as the new black, most companies miss the real opportunity to be customer-centric. They don’t actually think about experiences from the perspective of the people they … Read more