After Shark Tank, what happened to Black Sands Entertainment?

Hello guys, today is In this blog post, we discuss After Shark Tank, what happened to Black Sands Entertainment? One of the more unusual companies to enter “Shark Tank” is Black Sands Entertainment. Many businesses make an effort to advertise innovative inventions like the FurZapper pet fur removal tool. Others sell an experience to the sharks, such as Wine & Design, a wine bar and art studio.

Contrarily, Black Sands is an entertainment business that was already succeeding before it made an appearance on “Shark Tank” Season 13 in January 2022. The company, which was established in 2016 by Manuel and Geiszel Godoy, intends to offer comics and animations that are focused on Black characters, who have historically been ignored by the comic book industry.

Since then, they have built an app, published 14 different books, and collected more than $2 million in capital and another $2 million in sales (via Black Sands Entertainment).

Therefore, Black Sands was already a promising proposition before it tanked. Together with their business partner Teunis De Raat, Manuel and Geiszel made a pitch for their organization. In exchange for a 5% stock stake in their business, they demanded $500,000.

In the end, they struck a deal with Mark Cuban and special shark Kevin Hart in which they agreed to pay $500,000 in exchange for a 30% stock position (per Yahoo News). Black Sands has already seen another significant success in the less than a year since it was placed in the tank.

Black Sands Entertainment inked a big partnership deal with Kevin Hart

According to Variety, Kevin Hart strengthened his commitment to Black Sands Entertainment earlier this week. On November 4, Black Sands and Hart’s Hartbeat Productions, who have worked together on a number of his films including “Night School,” “Fatherhood,” and “Me Time,” signed a partnership agreement.

Variety reports that as a result of the partnership, Hartbeat will offer Black Sands “strategic consultancy services” while it develops its properties for motion picture and television productions.

Manuel Godoy outlined his lofty intentions for his business in a statement sent to Variety. “Our brand will become well-known thanks to [Hart’s] competence, and a new generation of young Black innovators will be empowered for years to come. One day, Black Sands will rank among the best 10 anime in the world.”

Currently, Black Sands has a number of titles that might easily lead to a popular television show or film. Their most popular work is the “Black Sands” series, which is set in prehistoric Africa and centers on Ausar, a prince who would one day reign the realm of Kemet.

The series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” is used as a comparison. Black Sands Entertainment is off to a terrific start, but only time will tell if its properties will ever be able to compete with industry titans like Marvel or DC.

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