After being presented with his first fight scene, The Blacklist’s Ryan Eggold freaked out

Hello Guys, Welcome to Bollymax. In this blog post, we share information on The Blacklist’s Ryan Eggold, who freaked out when he presented his first fight sequence.

Fans of “The Blacklist” have been waiting almost ten years to learn the revelation about Tom Keen’s (Ryan Eggold) actual nature. Tom finally came clean about being a ruthless spy hired to keep an eye on Liz (Megan Boone) after pretending to be her kind-hearted schoolteacher husband for almost a whole season.

It wasn’t obvious at the time if his life with Liz was just a front or if he had deeper affections for the FBI agent. Even though Eggold eventually left “The Blacklist,” Tom is still one of the show’s most intriguing characters.

After shaving his head to join a white nationalist group, he would ultimately perish tragically before he could marry his wife. Tom does indeed become Liz’s life and death. But nothing compared to seeing that first season and witnessing affable Tom transform into the icy-cold Joseph Phelps murderer in Episode 16.

When treacherous Lucy, a.k.a. Jolene (Rachel Brosnahan), puts Tom’s mission with Liz in risk, he quickly and coldly kills her, and the Cowboy (Lance Reddick) is ordered to capture them. In addition to delighting the audience, Tom’s unexpected turn was also a challenging experience for the actor who plays him.

Tom’s terrifying true colors come out

Unpredictable would be the best adjective to describe Tom Keen. Even while Tom’s shady transactions depicted in the “The Blacklist” premiere appear to be rather simple, his true motivations are never quite clear. Even Ryan Eggold occasionally struggled to predict what his character would do. Eggold acknowledged it hasn’t always been a straight line when Popsugar probed him on what he knew about Tom.

Eggold stated, “I always felt he was something other than what he seemed to be, but the specific description of that was sort of taking shape during the entire season and still is. Tom’s peculiar dualism of good and evil may be what makes him such a memorable character to watch. But Eggold was taken by surprise by Tom’s first significant battle scene.

Eggold continued, “I’ve been startled at some of the things they’ve written for me, for Tom. “I panicked when I read about the first fight scene where he was murdering the cowboy and Jolene. It was incredible.” Tom transforms almost instantly from a polite husband to a skilled killer.

He makes the fast decision to assassinate Lucy after realizing that she has jeopardized his cover. Tom attacks Lucy and easily dispatches her after making sure Liz is still in the dark. His cool-headed demeanor emerges as a defining quality of his persona, one that consistently caused spectators to wonder about his genuine motivations.

Tom’s demise was a far cry from the character’s origins

The five seasons Tom spent on “The Blacklist” were full of ups, downs, and unexpected plot developments. After a long emotional roller coaster journey, the spy-turned-ally finally passes away and goes out in a blaze of glory with his wife.

Tom has a confusing history of multiple aliases and shifting allegiances. Compared to Tom’s early development, this Tom is far more complex. If circumstances had been different, Tom Keen would have been far more vicious and unredeemable.

During Season 1, Eggold told Popsugar that “[Tom] was much more vicious and wicked, like awful.” However, that persona has been dropped, and something else is going on. That other piece had a more satisfying and lovely tale. They forged an unshakable link that made Tom’s passing even more tragic, despite Liz’s uncertainty about whether she could trust the guy who had lied to her.

Eggold told Entertainment Weekly, “I think it’s a good ending for the character in large part because he’s had this incredible journey of being somewhat sociopathic and a well-trained operative who can manipulate people… but then meets this woman, develops this relationship, has a child with her, and has a family now, and really learns to love someone, to care about someone, and to be loved.”

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